Nice baby doll stroller. Handle switches to either side so you can see your doll while you push the stroller.
Cute doll in a cute outfit! In overall good condition, other than the thumb on one hand is damaged (see photo). no Identifiable tags, markings or logos on the Doll.
EUC. Bathrobe and slippers purple. Black and red gown and yellow duck bath robed hooded . Cross posted. Meets in WH and Hendersonville. $14.00 for all
EUC. Cross posted. American Girl brand shorts,blouse,red velvet dress, red and white dress with apron and purple and white long satin dress. All $15.00. Meets in WH or Hendersonville
EUC. 3 shirts. 2 pair pants and 1 skirt. Cross posted. Meets in WH and Hendersonville $14.00 for all
18in doll- soft body Ppu preferred Will meet if 10.00 purchase is made Cross posted
-broken arm but still has all the pieces -cute plan dress -comes with the stand