Fish tank

New fish tank and pump only use for a couple months comes with rocks, little house, sign deco, beta food, and gold fish food


55 gallon. Black wood stand. Finnex LED 24/7 light fixture. Ehiem canister filter. powerhead. Submersible heater. Eco-complete substrate. Live plants, fish. I have 2 5gallon buckets that you can have to transport fish and substrate. I suggest bringing a couple extra buckets for the substrate and a storage tub to put the canister filter in for transport. Pick up in White House
Like new
1 gallon
One gallon
Needs a little cleaning. Excellent for large dogs
Needs cleaning Comes with a lot of accessories. Been in garage/storage on a shelf for 3 years Porch pick up in Goodlettsville near City Hall First come, first get Thanks for looking!
Top Fin 5.5g aquarium kits Comes with filter and led hood One kit is $25 or both for $50 I also have several pounds of gravel, and a lot of decor. The gravel and decor are free with the kits, perfect for people looking to get fish!
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